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Turnigy LiPoly Battery IR Meter (1Pcs)


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The internal resistance (IR) of a lipoly pack is made up of the resistances of each cell plus the wire and connections. Measurement of the IR of a battery is a guide to its condition, regular monitoring will tell you if the battery is starting to deteriorate or not. As many of you may know IR is a dynamic condition, the resistance will become more important with the more charge/discharge cycles it is subject to. This means that the cells will find it harder each time delivering their power until they reach a point where they are unusable.

The Turnigy IR meter can measure the IR of 2~8cell lipoly packs with a capacity of 200mAH up to 6000mAH, (Please note: during the test 10A load will be placed on the pack so ensure the pack is capable of doing this).

The operation of the unit is very simple, just connect the XT60 power plug and the balance plug into the appropriate sockets of the unit. Press the ON/Off button to start the test, after a few seconds the voltage and the IR results will be displayed on the very clear to read LCD screen. Press the On/Off button once more but this time for about 3secs and this will then turn the unit off.

This unit is a very simple way of keeping a watchful eye on all your lipoly batteries, it is a must for all, no more getting caught out on the flying field with an unhealthy battery.

? Robust electronics
? Easy to use
? Battery error warning
? Balance port error warning
? Easy to read LCD display
? Compact size
? 3mins auto power off with warning sound every 30secs
? No other battery required, just test battery
? Supplied with instruction manual

Voltage Range: 2~8cells (7.4~29.6v)
Capacity Range: 200~6000mAH
Resistance Range: 0~480m? for pack, 0~120m? for cell
Dimensions: 88x78x29mm
Weight: 120g


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