spot welder sunko 709a (1 Pcs)


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1 in stock

SUNKO 709AD high power 18650 lithium battery spot welder 110V 220V with pulse display automatic cooling system radiation system


4 in 1 machine

1.Fixed pulse welding            2.Constant temperature soldering

3.Inductive discharging welding   4.Moveable pulse welding

1.The whole new inductive discharging welding mode. It is no need to be controlled by pedal control to weld.

2.It will weld immediately when welding head touch welding object.

3.It is controlled by micro-computer for precise welding and increased welding consistency in  welding power controller.

4.4 in 1 design for welding and soldering in one machine with multi function to make electronic product.

5.There are fixed welding head and moveable welding pen mode to suit for little component and large parts to weld.

6.It can be adjusted high power in 1200A for welding head to weld 0.35mm nickle plating.

7.It is energy management and save energy output.

8.There are 2-18 pulse to select that can weld different thickness.

9.The welding pen is very easy and convenient to use.

10.The knob for adjusting pulse and electric current is convenient to change pulse and electric current.

11.Double row with LED display is clearly to detect data.

12.T12 soldering iron can solder in fast and use longer.

13.It is suitable for welding different nickle material.

14.It is suitable for any luminance of lighting circumstance with LED illumination design.

Welding Part:

Supply voltage  AC 220V/110V±20V

Power 1.9KW(Instantaneous)

Welding Current  500A

Time of 2 pulse  1-10ms(Adjust)

Time of 4 pulse  2-20ms(Adjust)

Time of 8 pulse  8-80ms(Adjust)

Soldering Part:

Soldering Temperature  150℃~450℃

Temperature Accuracy  ±5℃

Output voltage  20VDC

Power  50W

Heating up time  6~8S to 300℃

Size  140x245x200 mm

Net Weight  7 kg


Use Range

Range of Application

1.Welding different rechargeable batteries wire in fixed welding and moveable welding.

2.Welding lithium battery and moveable battery pack for assembling.

Welding electronic component wire and precision hardware parts.

3.It is suitable for welding battery nickle sheet and welding rather thick nickle sheet for battery pack.

4.It can weld 0.05-0.3mm thickness.

5.Welding circuit board wire without tin.

6.Welding ground lead wire of  appliances stainless steel inner.

7.Welding high temperature heating wire, nickel-chromium, chrome alloy wire.

8.It is suitable for welding wire of protection circuit board for battery pack and integrated circuit soldering.

9.The constant temperature is 150-480℃±5℃.