A3 V2 Flight Controller 6-Axis Gyro Stabilizer for RC Airplane


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A3 V2 Flight Controller Gyro is the advanced version of the A3-L gyro with an integrated high precision 6-axis (3 Gyro + 3 accelerometers) MEMS sensor. The main advantage of a 6-axis gyro is that it will provide smooth and stable flight in less than ideal flying conditions, and it will also return your aircraft to upright, level flight at the flip of a switch (Auto-recovery System).


  • Lightweight protective shell
  • Easy to use: the keys automatically hover.
  • A3 supports both analog and digital servos and provides separate gain adjustments for each flight mode.
  • Three types of wings: standard wing, delta wing (flying wing), and V-tail.
  • Four flight modes: normal, auto balance, auto hover, and gyroscope off mode.
  • Separated gain adjustment for each flight mode

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1 x A3 V2 Flight Controller 6-Axis Gyro Stabilizer for RC Airplane.

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