Turnigy 3-In-1 Battery Monitor, Signal Loss and Lost Airplane Alarm

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The Turnigy 3-In-1 Battery Monitor, Signal Loss and Lost Airplane Alarm is a handy little device that will help protect your valuable investment. First, it acts as a battery voltage monitor. Once voltage gets below the threshold you set, the alarms will go off and a red LED will illuminate. Additionally it can detect if signal is lost to your receiver, and just like the voltage monitoring feature, the alarms will go off. The last feature is the lost model alarm which operates when plugged into an auxiliary channel on your receiver, such as the retract switch. A lost model alarm is great if you crash your model into tall grass or trees and are not really sure where it went down. Taking up a small footprint of space, this little device will fit in most models. The simple features it adds for the relatively low cost and negligible weight will give you peace of mind when flying your model.

• Battery monitor checks your battery voltage and visibly and audibly warns you when battery is too low
• Remote on/off alarm works as a lost airplane finder
• Signal loss alarm automatically alerts you if it detects loss of radio signal.
• Light weight, low cost peace of mind

Input: 7.2v – 25.2v (2-6S Lipo)
Size: 20x30x6mm
Weight: 7g
Working Current: 120mAh with LED and Alarm
Alarm Level: 85dB


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